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Top 10 Standing Desks on Amazon 2021 (Full Desk)

Standing Desk Overview

Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Veerman, I’m a back pain specialist and reviewing some standing desks on AMAZON. If you are wondering if I bought all of these desks, I did not. I reviewed them based off of all the specifications, pictures and reviews from patients. I did a full analysis of desks that are under 1,000 and had over 100 reviews. If you notice they are starting at a 74 for rating. It is because I think standing desks have a long way to go but are way better than an average desk. Keyboard trays and monitor stands are essential to completing your standing desk. They will help with ergonomics and keep your work space open for organization. I rated them based on my needs but getting a standing desk over a regular stationary is a better option to limit the amount of flexion and compression on your back. It also helps you to keep moving throughout the day. 

Check out some of these great options!

Dr. Michael Veerman


FEZIBO Table and storage shelf allows you to increase height of screens so they are not at same level as keyboard. I like that there is storage so that surface can stay cleaner. This is one of the best ergonomic desks which comes in 3 colors and 2 different sizes. Might be fighting for my top recommendation. I would suggest a keyboard tray and possibly getting screens up a little higher if you are tall. Great desk and not a bad price! 


Flexispot makes a desk that allows you to work from either side. It accommodates kids to adults and has 2 surfaces which allows for elevating the monitors. There is not as much surface or storage as the FEZIBO but a solid option for standing desk. It also comes in multiple colors and sizes for an affordable price.


MONOMI has a nice product and really inexpensive. It has a large work area and looks like it allows for monitor stand. Biggest thing I like about this product is the keyboard tray. It allows for better ergonomics to arms can be down at side and eyes can be looking more forward. Comes in 3 different sizes and 2 different colors.


If you have a lot of screens and need a desk that will hold 330 lbs, the Eureka desk is for you. This L shaped desk is great for getting laptop out of the way so you can place screens directly in front of you. This desk is sturdy and comes in left and right sided options. It is a little expensive but worth it if you have heavy computer equipment.


VIVO has a sturdy table which allows for multiple screens. This standing desk is easy to adjust and not too bad to put together. Customer service seemed to have some bad reviews as well as parts seemed to be a problem when putting the units together. Monitors need to be higher than keyboard. Keyboard tray would allow for better ergonomics and more space on worktop.


PUTORSEN has a lifetime warranty. It is a little hard to set up but has a nice little tray to clean a few small items off your desktop. Looks like you can connect a monitor stand and keyboard tray to keep you from looking down and slouching. The price, tray and the warranty are the true selling points on this desk. 


SANODESK has 2 different size options and 8 different style options. It has 154 lbs of load capacity. It holds at least 2 screens but would need stand if you are tall. It is not bad to assemble and same with the price. I would recommend a keyboard tray as well. Simple design that is not too pricey. 


FEZIBO is a corner desk which is not great for ergonomics. This usually allows for 1 screen to be straight on and one to be off to one side as shown in picture. There is also a lack of ability to connect a keyboard tray or use certain chairs. L-shaped desks are good for certain rooms and allow for a larger surface area in limited spaces. Reviews showed it was a little harder to put together and not the greatest customer service.


The best thing about this FLEXISPOT desk is the USB charging station and drawer. Allows for you to keep your other devices running and limits cords under desk. It also allows for you to keep your surface clean. Problem with this drawer is there is no adding a keyboard without some ingenuity. Its modern look comes in 3 styles and one size.


Seville has a nice 7 year warranty on a desk that is available in 10 variations. This desk is commercial-grade and holds up to 264 lbs. The price is a little high but has solid reviews. You should be able to connect a monitor holder and keyboard tray as well. Although it is a little pricey, it has some parts like quite dual motors which make up for it.

Rating System

ProductOverallPresetsTrayHeight RangePrice
FEZIBO Double Drawer74yesNo27.6″ – 47.3″$389.99
Flexispot EF1 2 Tier73yesNo28.7″ – 48.4″$399.00
MONOMI72yesyes28″ – 47.3″$269.00
Eureka66yesNo29.9″ – 48.4″$418.99
VIVO63YesNo29.5″ – 49.6″$399.99
PUTORSEN62yesNo29.7″ – 49.6″$199.00
SANODESK62NoNo29″ – 48.6″$259.99
FEZIBO L-Shaped61YesNo27.6″ – 47.3″$259.24
Flexispot with Drawer60yesNo28.3″ – 47.6″$389.00
Seville60yesNo25.6″ – 51.4″$479.99
FEZIBO Double Drawer010998
Flexispot EF1 2 Tier010888
FEZIBO L-Shaped0101075
Flexispot with Drawer010557
ProductSet UpStabilityErgonomicsServiceAmazon
FEZIBO Double Drawer88949
Flexispot EF1 2 Tier878610
FEZIBO L-Shaped85349
Flexispot with Drawer77469

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