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Am I getting the right massage?

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Are you getting a massage because you are stiff or in pain? Does your pain keep coming back even with massages? Do you get a diagnosis prior to getting a massage? Does a health professional tell your massage therapist if you need a massage, what kind or if there is a deeper problem with different solutions? These are questions that need to be answered prior to getting your massage. Getting answers to what is causing your pain is pertinent. Massages are wonderful as part of a plan but most cases utilized like taking a pain reliever or rubbing a cream on it. If you don’t have a plan and direction on how to use massage then it may be time to get the answer. Get answers by scheduling today at MVP Chiro & PT.

 Oh and if you are getting a massage on a vacation probably hung over and planning on drinking later after the massage then YES you are definitely NOT getting the RIGHT massage. Lol

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Written by Dr. Michael Veerman


Edited by Matthew Horrocks


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