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Does my foot pain affect my low back pain?

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Does my foot pain affect my back pain?

Yes! Our feet are the foundation of our posture and can be related to low back pain. We often think our shoes are the main reason why our feet hurt. This is definitely true and having a supportive shoe or orthotics is crucial. Our feet provide a weight bearing function and without the proper support of our arches, the strain can lead to knee, hip, and even low back pain. Learning how to engage the small muscles in your feet and ankle can strengthen your arches, support your body weight, and reduce strain up the chain. Seeking care to work on foot and ankle strength and mobility will not only improve your feet pain but also your low back pain. Schedule an appointment today to get rid of your foot and low back pain today!

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Written by Dr. Michael Veerman


Edited by Dr. Shelby Preston


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