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I have a script for Physical Therapy. Where should I go?

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You should go to MVP Chiropractic and Physical Therapy! 80% of what we do is Physical Therapy. Most patients don’t understand that chiropractic is just one code, the adjustment. Patients are in the office for 45 min to 1 hr usually. That means the stretches, exercises, stim, ultrasound, and rehab are all physical therapy codes. The chiropractors at MVP Chiropractic are musculoskeletal experts. We don’t focus on just spinal pain, we can treat any joint in the body. We focus on what is causing your symptoms and can adjust your plan as treatment progresses. 

You do not need a script for physical therapy at MVP Chiropractic like you need at PT facilities. For example, if you go to a place that just takes PT scripts, you will get a cookie cutter plan that is not specific to your needs. If you come to us, we are able to modify your diagnosis and treatment plan as we see fit. This allows patients to get better quicker because we design your treatment plan specific to you and can modify that plan as needed. We know your hip pain could also be originating from your back or vice versa, so we make sure to include therapy to help support, stabilize, and strengthen the joints of your spine and hip. 

Oftentimes surgeons will recommend a trial of PT at a clinic that follows a cookie cutter approach and many patients do not fully heal once therapy is over. The next recommended option for them is surgery. At our facility we approach each patient as their own and modify exercises tailored to their condition so surgery is a less common outcome! If you have questions or would like to meet our doctors prior to setting up visits, we are happy to do a free consultation. Set up your physical therapy today at MVP Chiropractic & Physical Therapy!

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Written by Dr. Michael Veerman
Edited by Dr. Shelby Preston

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