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Is finishing my treatment plan important?

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Yes, there is a reason your doctor recommended a plan. Like completing the full course of antibiotics, it may not be fully effective unless it is finished, and the problem may come back. A treatment plan is not to just get you out of pain, but also education and habits to prevent future problems. A typical treatment plan is usually about 8-10 visits over the course of several weeks. During this time we will manage your condition with passive therapies like manual therapy as well as progress you through a series of exercises to help your body fully heal. Patients need guidance to make sure they are exercising correctly and have opportunities to ask questions along the way. Restoring tissues, balancing musculature, changing firing patterns, and strengthening joint complexes takes time and effort, and will not be accomplished in just a few visits. Pain and dysfunction have driven you to seek medical advice, so follow that advice. 

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