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Start slow and don’t get discouraged when getting back into shape.  Getting injured or putting your body in intense pain from soreness will create a huge barrier in completing your fitness goals.  It is easy for your eyes to be bigger than your head and set large goals. This just leads to injury and unrealistic expectations. When getting back into shape, it is important to understand that muscles need to acclimate and recover. This means that you should increase your weight slowly throughout weeks of working out. It also means to allow for muscles to recover for 3-5 days between workouts. It is important to warm up and stretch before working out. Typically stretches should be a light hold that you can get farther into, not a burn. 


It is important to understand your muscles and listen to your body when getting back into shape. If your muscles are weak from not allowing enough time to heal or sore from recently working out then you may be compensating. Compensating changes how your muscles are supposed to fire in a specific pattern. Avoiding how they fire will require additional muscles to try and do their jobs. This is where injuries to joints like the back and neck commonly occur. Balancing musculature and having a strong core is key to a high functioning musculoskeletal system. 


Working out is very important to our health. It not only improves the function of our organs but balances out hormones and allows us to experience stressful situations better. It is important to find a workout that is best for you. Something that you can look forward to and appreciate the benefits. The hardest part is to take it slow and avoid the barriers that keep us from success. If you are injured or have questions about getting back in shape, let us help.


If you are trying to get back into shape, then get assessed at MVP. Let us assess your balance, core, strength, and coordination so you are prepared to start your workout program. Ask us  questions to determine if you should be doing or modifying some of the exercises. We want you to be healthy. If you have pain before working out, then we would like to make sure you are not risking further injury. Set up your fitness assessment today!


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Written by Dr. Michael Veerman


Edited by Mary Ohlendorf


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